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Painting Company

Servicing Brewer, Belfast & Bar Harbor

Professional & Friendly Painting Company

Servicing Brewer, Belfast & Bar Harbor

King’s Red Painting, LLC offers a variety of interior painting services for commercial and residential clients. We paint walls! We paint ceilings! We paint trim and sometimes doors. We paint cabinetry! And a little bit more!! We do the un fun stuff so you don’t have to. We remove ugly wallpaper! We scrape or flatten popcorn ceiling! We patch the million nail holes in your walls! And we fill the gaps between trim and walls with caulking.


King’s Red painting, LLC can help you modernize those old beat-up wooden cabinets. Whether you want them painted a nice, clean, bright white to enhance your kitchen space’s size or a more natural look. We spray our clients cabinet doors and drawers faces off site typically and spray the rest of the cabinetry in place masking off the kitchen. This way the cabinets have the same smooth solid and uniform finish throughout. The process takes about a week from start to finish and is the cheapest, quickest and most beautiful way to transform your kitchen.

This service has quickly become the most popular service we offer. We recommend you get a free estimate for it as soon as you can.

Painting Wooden Trim or Walls

King’s Red painting, LLC can help make your wooden trim look new. A change from wooden trim to white trim really has a way of giving the house a completely different vibe. White paint, in general, helps to make rooms feel bigger. The process for taking wooden trim or walls to white is an involved one but is well worth the enhancement it can bring to a home.

Minor Dry Wall Patching

King’s Red Painting, LLC isn’t an experienced drywall company. We offer minor patching services such as filling nail holes or gauges that may be in a wall. Depending on the damage’s size and scope, we can help find someone better suited to recommend you for the job.

Water Damage (Stain Blocking)

King’s Red Painting, LLC offers water damage repair and stain blocking services. Typically, this issue is only seen on ceilings more in the commercial realm than in a person’s home. Water damage usually leaves a circular, ugly mark on the ceiling. Sometimes, it causes some cracking or peeling of previous paint. King’s Red Painting can help fix that. We make the ceiling look normal once again.

Concrete or Wooden Floors

King’s Red Painting,LLC doesn’t offer epoxy services or wood refinishing services, but we offer floor painting. In some older homes with wooden floors, whether previously painted or not, a fresh coat can make a lot of difference. On a concrete floor such as in the basement of a home, it can really bring the place to life. It can make it less dull. The nonslip paint also makes it easier to walk on for those who have trouble moving about.

Wall Paper Removal

King’s Red Painting, LLC offers wallpaper removal services. Let’s face it, no one likes removing old ugly wallpaper. We are more than happy to do it for you.We have experience with old homes that have walls built with horse hair plaster too. The problem with wallpaper removal is you never know exactly what you find underneath it all. This sometimes involves skim coating, patching and sanding. Depending on the scenario, it could just need a fresh coat of primer. Let us help you with the headache and get your home looking great again.

Caulking Trim or Wall Corners

King’s Red Painting, LLC offers caulking services. For those not familiar with the trades, the word caulking may be a foreign term. Often, caulking and nail hole filling are the little things that go undone but make a huge difference in a project’s outcome. I can’t tell you the number of homes and businesses I’ve been in where the trim was not caulked to the wall. Its sad but some contractors don’t care. We do! Caulking makes it so there are no empty unconnected spaces. This is just another service we can offer you to help make your business space or home really shine.

Nail Hole Filling (Small Gauges)

King’s Red Painting, LLC takes pride in seeing the details of a project. You would be surprised at how many little holes and gauges are in your walls or trim. These things can be tolerated and go unseen for a long time living around them. Once addressed, however, it really shows. Let us take care of the small things in your painting experience to make it that much better.

Interior Spraying

King’s Red Painting, LLC can offer a spray finish for your trim or a spray application for your ceilings. This involves a lot more prep to protect floors, walls, and more. This option is usually something to consider in new construction or when doing a complete overhaul on an old home. We have the capacity and ability to make it happen for those clients who want a quicker, higher-quality job done.

Popcorn Ceilings

King’s Red Painting, LLC can remove your popcorn ceiling. However if the setting doesn’t allow it, we can flatten it out with some scraping and a skim coat of mud. These projects can be messy and involved. This results in the need for great care and lots of prep. Namely the covering of just about everything in plastic. The effect removing pop corn ceiling from a room has is dramatic. Having a flat ceiling versus a textured on makes the rooms of your house feel bigger and more open. The ceiling goes from being an eye sore to being basically unnoticed as a ceiling is supposed to be.


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