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What to expect:

Exterior painting


As a company we specialize particularly in repainting the entire exteriors of a home for our residential clients. We are EPA “lead safe certified” for working on houses that are old enough that lead paint exposure/control could be a potential concern. King’s Red Painting, LLC’s crew has painted business buildings, churches, school administrative buildings, houses with clapboards, houses with cedar shakes, etc. If you can name it we have probably painted it and If we haven’t we would like to! That being said it may be useful to familiarize you with our process for repainting the exterior of your home or place of business. First and foremost when it comes to any painting project is the prep work involved.


Lead Certified


This is the part that every home owner or non painter hates and it is the main reason why it can be a great idea to consider hiring a professional to do the dirty work for you instead. When it comes to exterior prep work usually it means one thing, namely SCRAPING old flaking paint off the building. I wont bore you with a word salad of all that the exterior painting process entails but I will give you the basics of what we do. When you hire us to paint your home or business we will first assess what level of prep is needed or desired as well as what surfaces of the home are to be painted. This takes place during the quoting process.

This matters because not all homes have old flaking paint that needs to be scraped. Not all homes have lead paint in them especially not nowadays (but some unfortunately do.) Not all homeowners want their trim painted or their doors painted or their deck. Some however will want every square inch of their house painted save for the glass on their windows and their shingled roof. This means that depending on the project you are wanting done the approach can vary to best suit that given specification. That being said it is important to consider exactly what kind of paint job you are wanting and to make sure that you communicate that to the contractor you hire(which will hopefully be us.)


Customized Service


The second step to exterior painting after we know what the client wants is executing on it. We take a step by step approach to every painting project. The saying how do you eat an elephant? one bite at a time, comes to mind. When you are working with us at King’s Red Painting, LLC you can rest assured there is a method to the madness. The work may not look the way you’d like or expect until it is completed in its entirety. A question to consider is do you use paint sprayers? Yes we do! When we do (which is the case for any large exterior siding painting project) we mask off windows and other parts of the home that we don’t want to get overspray on in the process of painting your house. You may also be asked to park your vehicle in a different spot while spraying is being done to avoid the potential overspray hazard.


Spray Finish or well bristled brush in-depth coating

When its comes to what kind of sprayers we use. We use only the best Graco paint sprayer products! Here at King’s Red Painting, LLC we are constantly working to keep our equipment clean and in great working condition so that you have the most efficient and highest quality looking finish on your Exterior painting project. King’s Red Painting, LLC’s prep process (other than masking) also includes pressure washing where needed, cleaning of cob webs, dirt, etc, caulking or otherwise filling large gaps, filling nail holes, sanding and or scraping where most applicable. When there is a job with a particularly excessive amount of scraping so that bare wood is exposed we use high quality peel bonding primers before painting to give the paint a solid surface to help with adhesionIf we run into rotten wood that may need replacing we will point it out to you and can refer you to quality carpenter friends of ours that can help replace the board or boards should you so choose.


Thorough Prep


Once all the prep work is completed we go straight into the painting process. Heres what you can expect. As an example I will refer to a job we did for a client on Broadway in Bangor. I wont use names but I will simply use that project as an example to give you an idea of how the process unfolds. This is an example of what kind of services we offer. For this particular client we were repainting the entire exterior of the building they were in. The surfaces being painted included siding(clap board siding),trim, decks, small porches, and shutters(old wooden shutters). Using the particular project as an illustrative example we begin with the biggest chunk of the house first which is the siding portions. This building was large and so required us to rent out a lift which we are more than comfortable and experienced with using.

When painting an entire exterior like this we do all the prep work first and then begin to paint starting with the siding and completing a side or two sides at a time before moving on to the other parts of the building. In this way we work the project so that there isn’t a side here or there that is left behind the rest. After painting the siding we painted the trim, then the shutters, then the doors and lastly the porches. At King’s Red Painting, LLC we make it a point to not waste any motion but to make sure we work in the most efficient way possible. Once all the painting is done we go back through to double check our work, clean up thoroughly and do any final touch ups that may be needed.


We believe that it’s important to leave the job site as clean as we received it in if not even cleaner. Of course while working on your project everything can’t be cleaned up at the end of each day as would be desired because we have to come back and start again the following day. Nevertheless we strive to leave the job site at the end of each day in a neat and organized fashion for our clients. Just because the jobs not done doesn’t mean that the place has to look like a pigsty as my mother would say. I hope that answers all of your questions about what to expect when working with us on an exterior project. Should you decide to get a free quote from us I can answer any follow up questions you may have that I failed to cover here.

-Mathew Moreland, Painter & Owner



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