Hi, my name is!!!

Hey there! I’m Mathew Moreland! I’m a vision curator,part time interior consultant and your favorite custom finisher. My company and I at King’s Red Painting LLC aren’t just interested in painting your home or working environment but our goal when we meet with you is to “help paint your picture to perfection!”

We won’t be satisfied until you are and that’s the entire drive behind what we do. Our passion is making living spaces more pleasing to the eye! Meet us, let us serve you and you’ll see why.

What’s up with the name King’s Red Painting?!

Potential clients always ask me what’s the deal with the name? What does it mean? Usually when they do they have a little twinkle in their eye. You’re probably wondering what it is. Well you’ll have to meet with me to hear the story but suffice to say it wasn’t given by doing a google search or bouncing ideas off the wall or wadding up paper balls of awful names to throw in the trash. King’s Red Paintings name was divinely inspired…I accidentally gave it away.

We won’t be satisfied until you are

As a company we aim to satisfy our customers above all else. Making you more than just a “happy camper” is one our mind from the moment we first meet ,to the final day when we are wrapping up your painting project. We aren’t even satisfied then but we want to continue to have a quality relationship with you for life. That sounds good you say but everyone claims customer satisfaction is important to them. This is true nevertheless try us and see if what we say is more than just mere words.

We have had clients at times that haven’t been easy to please which was tough because we couldn’t be pleased until they were. Yet in all but the rarest cases we were able to win them over and they have allowed us the pleasure of serving them again. Here at King’s Red Painting LLC we stand behind our work and warranty it if for some reason the paint fails before it’s time. Why? Because at the end of the day, “Your pleasure is Ours.”


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Easy to Work With Painting Company

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