Hello! My name is Mathew Moreland!

I’m the owner of King’s Red Painting LLC. King’s Red Painting LLC is your go to local painting company. We are a tight knit friendly and reliable painting crew of which I myself am a part. We service the greater bangor area and look forward to getting the opportunity to serve you in your next painting project! We provide interior and exterior painting for both residential and commercial clients. We are fully insured contractors. Our company is built on integrity and diligence.


We do our best to tailor our services to the needs of our clients. We aim to under promise and over deliver every time. We are a professional painting crew and strive to give our clients a consistent and efficient experience. We strive hard to set the expectations with our clients from the outset. Then we simply do what we say we will do.


We put in maximum effort to give quality service in the most efficient way possible. Here at King’s Red Painting LLC we are always working to find better ways to paint your home or property. One of the ways we do this is, is by making sure to not hop from job site to job site. We purposely schedule our clients one at a time in order to provide the highest level of service. This allows us to focus on the project at hand.



At King’s Red Painting LLC we work from Monday through Friday 9am-5:30 pm. When you are scheduled with us we will work consecutive days weather permitting until the project is completed. Thats what we call diligence!


Where did the name King’s Red Painting come from?

This is a question that we get quite often. It never fails to bring a smile to our face. I am a christian and humbly attend the First Pentecostal Church of Brewer Maine. I got the name King’s Red Painting in prayer shortly after having a meeting with my Pastor about starting my painting business. I wanted a name that would set us apart and distinguish us in a way that denoted the image of Christ.

The name didn’t come from an audible voice but I felt impressed with it mentally by the Spirit of God. King’s Red. What does it mean? It stands for the blood of Christ but it is also a type of wine. Wine being both a status of wealth thing and symbolic of the Spirit of Christ in the bible. To me the name represents everything I wanted my business to say. We aren’t like other painting companies. Our service reaches deeper and farther than standard contractors. We hope to get a chance to live up to this name when serving you.




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Easy to Work With Painting Company

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