King’s Red Painting isn’t just another painting company. We are your painting company. We believe that a good business is about building relationships with our customers. On every project we do, we keep this thought in mind.

Our tag line is, “when you win, we win.” That is truly how we feel. Our company is built on the principles of integrity and diligence. We desire to be the company you are most comfortable having in your home or business.

Locally-owned and operated out of Bangor, Maine. We gladly service the greater Bangor region from Franklin to Charleston and everywhere in between. Thank you for reading. We look forward to meeting with you.

How We Got The Name King’s Red Painting

How we got the name King’s Red Painting is a funny story. I always laugh every time someone asks me about the idea behind it. When I preparing to start my business, I didn’t know what to call it.

After meeting with my pastor for his advice, I followed it. I decided to pray for a name for my new business. I wanted a name that could distinguish us from our competitors, represent the stellar service, and relationship building I wanted to start. It was the fastest prayer meeting I ever had.

There was only one name that came to mind, “King’s Red.” The name means something more to me as a Christian. It also says what I wanted to about our painting company. We aren’t like the others. It all started with our name.

When You Win, We Win

King’s Red Painting doesn’t aim for what we want out of a painting project. The process of having work done on a house or business can be difficult. Often, each side is not trusting of the other for a good reason.

Many people I know had bad experiences with contractors. I know contractors left high and dry by bad customers who refused to pay. This is one of the things I looked to solve in my business proactively.

Our approach is a win-win attitude. If it can’t be a win for each side, meaning both us and our clients can’t be happy with the result, we won’t go forward with a project. Your pleasure is ours.

If you aren’t happy more than likely, we won’t be either. That’s why at King’s Red Painting, we say when you win, we win. It’s more than just a nice-sounding tagline.

Integrity & Diligence

King’s Red Painting is built on integrity and diligence. Integrity in that we aim to provide consistent, high-quality personalized service to every client, whether great or small. Diligence in that we desire to give our clients the most efficient process we can offer.

That said, you can’t rush perfection. That’s why we paint with integrity, diligence, honesty, and readiness to act. We keep this in mind when doing a project. Keeping them in balance the best we can. If we need to choose one over the other, we always choose integrity. Even if it costs us in the end.

We are in this for the long haul. We are looking to build lifetime relationships with our clients in our community. This goes from the quoting process all the way up to the end.


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