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Hello there! This is Mat with King’s Red Painting, LLC! We look forward to getting the chance to earn your business!You can get your free painting estimate here by filling out the form on this page! The more detailed the form the better. Please don’t use the estimation form to solicit us for business. The estimate form is just for real potential clients to have an opportunity to contact us at their convenience. That being said the form will be delivered to my email which I review daily but if you are really wanting a quick turn around call us and leave us a friendly voice mail.

All estimate phone calls with detailed messages will be responded to the same day or at the latest first thing the next morning. We highly anticipate getting to meet with you!


Useful things to prep for your free estimate


For those of you that are super “preppers” like me here are a few things to consider going into your FREE painting walkthrough. First off you don’t need to feel any pressure whatsoever. I will never try to push you into making a decision to pull a trigger on a particular project. The best use of our free estimate offer is to get an idea of what the project you would like to do costs and then go from there based on how you feel and what you can reasonably afford. We totally understand that sometimes painting is not in the budget and that you may want to get other contractors quotes as well.


Theres no pressure to commit!


That being said we do want to see your particular job in person and ask you a slew of questions to get an idea of just what it is your wanting painted and how you’d like it done. It may be helpful then to know exactly what your wanting a quote for. Feel free to ask questions and don’t be afraid to tell us what it is your wanting as far as prep etc. The clearer the communication during the quote process the better for the client and for us. This is important whether you decide to go with us or not. Based on a quote interaction we can tell whether or not our company’s services are the best possible fit for you and your needs.


Some of the things you don’t need


Going into the quote some people already have the colors and sheens picked out. This of course always a net positive but its not necessary for the quote itself. The only time the color choice particularly matters is when it will affect the number of coats needed for coverage. For example deep pigment tones like red or black. So if you don’t know what color you want just yet for your kitchen cabinets don’t worry. Remember we are just giving you a quote there is no commitment yet for us to begin your project the instant the quote is over. Another thing that some people have but isn’t necessary going into a job is the square footage of the area they want painted. Every contractors bidding process is different but for us we quote based on the job and the overall time + the materials involved.

Rest assured you don’t need to do the work of whipping out the measuring tape and doing the math to figure out the size of each room in your house for us. This is the reason why we make a point of coming to do quotes in person or over facetime or video call so we can see the project with our eyes. This helps us to get a real feel for just what we are needing to do. The number of square feet won’t tell me that the walls are cracked and need mudding. Neither will a square foot total tell me how many ft of crown molding there is and what kind of condition it is in for quality painting. Nevertheless rest assured we have a formula for quoting and pride ourselves on getting your quote back to you quickly within a day of our meeting.


Frequently asked questions


I’ll wrap this up with some frequently asked questions during a quoting process.

  1. What kind of paint do you use? We use Sherwin Williams or Ben moore paint products both high quality paint products.
  2. Do we buy the paint or do you buy the paint? We buy the paint. That being said if you’d prefer to buy the paint we can use your chosen product but we don’t guarantee its results to be the same as the quality of paints we are used to using.
  3. Do you fill nail holes? Yes we do. We use Spackle, Bondo, wood filler, sheetrock mud depending on what surface needs patching.
  4. Do you do caulking? Yes we do. We caulk wherever there are gaps between walls and ceilings and walls and trim.
  5. What time do you start? We start work on job sites at 9am and work until 5:30 pm Monday through Friday on our scheduled jobs.




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